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The Bag Making Process...


I'm not a pattern designer, however, my bags are created using patterns & templates developed by bag designers from all over the world (the pattern designer’s name is listed & credited in the description of each bag in the online shop). I love to create distinctive looking bags using textured fabrics, high quality animal friendly, vegan leather, upholstery fabrics, cork, canvas and cottons in natural colors, and lots of brightly colored prints.


The bag making process begins by lovingly pairing each bag pattern with fabrics, colors, different textures and prints for both the interior & exterior of each individual bag.  Then, I hand cut the individual bag pieces using pattern templates.


Each piece of fabric is heat fused with stabilizers and interfacings that give structure and "stiffness" to the bag once it is finished.


Pieces are then assembled and sewn using heavy              duty bonded nylon thread on an industrial sewing              machine.


Additionally, there are zippers to install, snaps, straps, buckles, “D” rings, swivel clips, bag feet, oodles of rivets and other assorted hardware necessary for assembling each bag.















My bags are not mass produced. I'm a one-woman home based operation that creates unique one-of-a-kind bags inside my sewing studio. Each bag is assembled individually using hand crafted methods and modern bag making techniques.  It takes many hours over the course of several days to make a single bag from start to finish.


Bag making is truly a labor of love which I thoroughly enjoy.


I couldn't do this entirely alone though! My wonderful husband supports me in this business journey.  He has hung shelves for me; built and moved furniture in my sewing room; unjammed my sewing machine countless times; helped me complete the final "birthing" of many handbags; helps me set-up at craft fairs and makers markets and often settles for warmed-up leftovers for dinner when I'm sewing all day and night! I am so fortunate that he puts up with my sewing passion---I'm so fortunate to have his continued support!

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