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My name is Theresa Ramirez. I'm the owner and "hand-crafter" behind the distinctive and unique bags & accessories sewn here at MT Bagworks. My adult nickname is "Mother-Theresa" so I decided to incorporate those initials into the company name. Creating beautiful bags is what I love to do!

I’ve been a traditional "sew-ist" for over 50 years, primarily sewing clothing for myself and family; sewing and mending household items; sewing my children's costumes for Halloween, school plays and church projects; designing and sewing backpacking & camping accessories.  For several years I ran a home-based business sewing garments for clients and altering law enforcement uniforms. Throughout the years I have consistently kept up with new sewing trends and equipment, always endeavoring to continually improve my sewing skills.

During the pandemic, I found bag making to be a very rewarding, therapeutic "outlet" to help me cope with being cooped-up at home for more than a year. Today, my passion for sewing & bag making, in addition to my persistent attention to details, has inspired me to launch MT Bagworks.

I hope you enjoy browsing MT Bagworks' online shop and hopefully you'll find something you can’t live without…or perhaps you'll discover a gift for someone special?  Don't forget to check back often to see what's new in the shop.  Please let me know if you have ANY questions at all. You can email me anytime at:

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